It is a very common thing for a human being to fantasize about a lot of things. There are possibilities that some might come true and some might not. If there is one thing in this world which predominant men fantasize is sex. It is not that they are not having sex or anything of that sort. It is just that they want more in it and wants to experiment a lot in it. In this article, we will see the common sex fantasies of every man.

Woman domination

Generally, it is the men who dominate in sex and women also expect them to do it. Men do feel great that they are in control. But there are instances where men would want the women to take control and dominate. It is not men who always need to be on the top (literally). So women make a note of it and try to do it once in a while.


A dream of most of the men is to have a threesome at least once in his life. Why just limit to one when the fun and enjoyment is more if you have two. Two hot girls in the bed at the same time, to put in simple words it is better than heaven. The best part is that most men want one among those two girls to be their wife or lover. Yes, men are a bit weird.

Anal Sex

We do accept the fact that porn has a lot of influence when it comes to this. According to some Birmingham escorts this is one of the most common and frequent requests that they get from their clients. Men know that it is not an easy thing to do.  But still, they want to experience this with their partner. But according to various surveys, most women do not prefer anal, and they have been requested by the spouse or lovers many times, and they have not accepted it. So it is still a dream for many to have anal sex with their spouse or loves which has not been fulfilled.

Sex in public place

Don’t get the wrong idea. It is not in open spaces. The public places refer to parking lots, washrooms in hotels and bars. There are possibilities that many might have had this experience, but there are a lot of people who still are very eager to do it.


There are no second thoughts about the fact that every man on this planet loves role-playing. If things can be more authentic like wearing the appropriate dress and acting exactly, it would really make a huge difference in sex.  Some of the most preferred role plays would be nurse-patient and student-teacher.

Being naked the whole day

There are a few couples out there who actually practice this. Everyone knows for a fact that men love seeing naked women. If it is their partner, they want all the nakedness that they can get. This is one of the common fantasies that most men love to experience.

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