Beautiful Sunsets in Greece

If you’ve never taken a trip to Greece then you’re missing out on one of the most incredible experiences on earth. I can’t even count the number of experiences that I’ve had there that have left me awestruck, and this includes a trip to the Greek Islands. However, it’s not just the incredible beaches and weather that make this country so special – it’s the equally unique culture that makes every visit such a memorable one.

Many travellers agree that the sunset here are some of the best in the world. Whether you’re on a rocky cliff top or at a beach restaurant, you’ll be in for an amazing treat as the breathtaking colour spectrums that you’ll witness will take your breath away. Be warned, though, Oia is extremely crowded at sunset, so you’ll probably have to get up early if you want to avoid the crowds.

There are a few things that you should definitely do on your trip to the Greek islands. For a start, you should definitely see the sunset in Oia. This beautiful beach is situated in the middle of the island and is surrounded by mountains that give it its distinctive blue-green shade. When the sun goes down during the summer, the cliffs start to sparkle with colours of purple and gold and you’ll be treated to the spectacle of thousands of sunflowers that have been waiting to go down for as long as you can remember. It’s definitely worth taking a day trip up to this spectacular beach during your summer vacation.

Next, you should head down to Limassol. Limassol is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Greece, and you’re guaranteed to have a whale of a time at the dolphin show that takes place on a regular basis (the show is called Limassol Cruises). Another great thing about Limassol is the beach on the north end of the island, which is known as the Blue Beach. Here, you can find some cool sunset photographs taken by local experts that you can share with family and friends back home.

If you’re interested in the mountains of Northern Aegean, then you should definitely consider stopping at the Zorikonos beach. The Zorikonos beach is a small, yet beautiful beach that’s filled with sunsets from the most beautiful sunsets in the region. The white sandy beaches are surrounded by rocky cliffs and offer a stunning contrast of black volcanic sand against the blue sky overhead. It’s also a popular location for surfers due to its waves and breaks. If you want to experience the best of Northern Aegean natural beauty, make sure to head to Zorikonos during the cooler, summer evenings.

If you want a truly breathtaking sunset setting, try heading to the Pelion Peninsula, where you can capture the scene of Mount Kolyma rising over the horizon in the early morning hours. If you prefer, head to the villages of Sporades, Mytilene and Kouloura to catch a glimpse of a sunset from the smooth sandy beaches and surrounding greenery of the area. The Pelion Peninsula also offers a host of other local experts who can help you plan your next vacation and even give you some tips on how to prepare your next traveling adventure.

One of the most popular locations to catch a sunset in Greece is at the Athens national park, Chora. The park was granted a UNESCO world heritage site in 2000 because of the extraordinary geological formations, including the Epirus and Corinthian Mountains, as well as the beautiful archway and strolls throughout the entire park. It’s also a popular site for travelers because it offers some of the finest beach access around. The sunset over Chora is absolutely breathtaking and the surrounding greenery and landscape really add to the picture. You may want to visit this national park before you head to the beach to make sure that you catch a clear photo of the setting sun.

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