The Best Phone Tarot Readers UK

The Best Phone Tarot Readers UK

Tarot readers for phones offer range of benefits, regardless of whether you’re seeking an individual reading or a group consultation. You can arrange your reading via the phone at a broad range of times and locations and you can choose a reliable UK firm. For instance, the UK-based Kooma is another good option Their clients can have access to local UK time.


Whether you need an online psychic reading, over the phone or a live video reading it is possible to use the Oranum website. The service provides free psychic readings in various languages. They also offer discounted 30-minute spiritual sessions. This website has been available online since 2005 and features various readers. Oranum is different from other services that require users to pay for an annual subscription. You can even get an introductory reading no cost.

This site has more than 100 tarot readers that means you’ll have a variety of people to choose from. The downside to this site is that you can’t filter your results. The good news is that profiles can be viewed and ratings can be given to psychics.


Kasamba is a well-known platform offering psychic phone readings in the UK. They have top-rated psychics, as well as an easy-to-use mobile application. The website is easy to navigate and has an array of different kinds of readings that include tarot readings. There are reviews of psychics and a 100 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Kasamba is home to a huge community of mediums and psychics who utilize clairvoyance to connect with other realms. Psychics can also help people with poltergeists and hauntings. There are also experts who can help you connect to your loved ones who died.


Asknow’s phone tarot reading device can provide accurate readings. offers a range of pricing options. You can start by reading for free, or you can pay for a longer session with a seasoned psychic. Each psychic has a profile and customer reviews that give you an insight into their level of expertise and experience. Many of the Asknow practitioners have been in practice for 20 years or more which means you can be confident that you’ll get a reliable reading. Some Asknow practitioners offer Spanish language services.


Kooma is a tarot phone reading service that connects you with an English-based tarot reader. There are more than 100 tarot readers to choose from. They all have at least 50 five-star reviews. Sally (PIN377) is one of the most popular tarot readers. She has over 1200 reviews and offers readings for all time zones.

Kooma offers the option of a refund if you aren’t pleased with the reading. The service has the lowest prices for phone tarot readers. You can also choose when you’d like the reading to occur. If you’re looking for just a quick reading or more comprehensive session Kooma’s psychics based in the UK can help you understand your problems and make educated decisions.

Purple Garden

Purple Garden phone tarot reader are experienced and trained advisors. They are screened and rated by an expert panel. Their profiles are comprehensive and include an introduction video along with background information and client reviews. Each psychic’s profile provides details about their services and costs. Reviews are located at the bottom of each psychic’s page.

Positive reviews indicate that the psychic is highly experienced. Negative reviews may suggest that the person chose the psychic due to their cost. A highly-experienced advisor is worth the extra cost. In addition, Purple Garden has a star rating system. The greater the number of stars a psychic has, the better their ratings are.