Turkey Has the World’s Leading Hair Transplant Clinics

Turkey Has the World’s Leading Hair Transplant Clinics

If you’re looking for a hair transplant in Turkey then you’re in the right location. You can find the best clinics in Turkey by doing a quick search online. Bookimed is here to help you find the top clinics. We’ll talk about Civas Hair Transplant, Buk Hair Clinic, Nimclinic, and Smile Hair Clinic.

Civas Hair Transplant

Civas Hair Transplant Clinic is a modern clinic for hair restoration located in Ankara, Turkey. The clinic provides treatment for both women and men with the latest technologies and methods. The clinic’s founder Dr. Ekrem Civas, is a board-certified dermatologist as well as a clinical associate professor and member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery. He is also the first hair surgeon in Turkey to obtain the FISHRS certification.

The medical team at Civas Hair Transplant Clinic in Turkey includes doctors with extensive experience in hair transplantation , as well as cosmetic surgery. They provide a wide range of non-surgical and surgical procedures. The medical atmosphere at Civas Clinic is comfortable and well-equipped. that the clinic has, the Akay Hospital and the Guven Hospital are both internationally accredited and have experienced staff to provide quality care.

Buk Hair Clinic

Turkey has a variety of clinics that can perform hair transplants. The HD Clinic, which has been in operation for over two decades, is among the top clinics in Turkey for hair transplants. The clinic is highly regarded throughout Turkey due to its experienced staff and highly skilled hair transplant specialists. The clinic is able to perform hair transplants on the body and head. The staff is under the supervision of a doctor and uses the most effective and efficient methods for hair treatment.

The best hair transplant clinics in Turkey make use of advanced surgical techniques in order to restore hair loss. The procedures are minimally invasive, and require only the application of a local nasthetic. The result is a natural looking appearance with minimal scarring and reduced time to recover.


Nimclinic is an elite aesthetic surgery center located in Istanbul, Turkey, which provides high-quality treatments at a low cost. Its staff includes dermatologists plastic surgeons medical doctors and other specialists. The team ensures that every patient is provided with the highest quality of support and after-care after the procedure of hair transplantation. It arranges airport transfers for VIPs.

There are a variety of surgical options for patients, including hair transplants and reconstructive procedures. Nimclinic has performed over 3,000 successful FUE hair transplant procedures. This clinic also provides hair transplants in difficult locations as well as treatment for hair loss and reconstructive surgery.