Sex has been a hot topic of discussion for the past hundred years or so before that people were too shy to talk about the fact that they have sex. They wouldn’t even talk about sex with their partner, they would just do it, and that would be that. No discussion, no communication, nothing. Everyone would be embarrassed by it for some reason. It was like a taboo. It still is in many parts of the world, like India.

But now everything has changed in most countries after millennials have grown up, they are proud to boast and talk about the stories about them having sex. They disclose what they did, how they did it and who they did it with. Guys talk about the girl’s breasts and butt; the girls talk about the guy’s penis, butt, and body in general. If one of your friends has sex it becomes a topic of gossip in your group; So much so that myths are flying around the social scene. And here are a few:

Myth number 1) Single people judge a potential date by their body first.

While it’s true that look does matter initially, while on the date single people look for interesting features about their date that they might like. They also judge them based on their grammar, vocabulary, self-confidence and most weird one of all, teeth. The body comes second.

Myth number 2) Most women are turned on by sexy and provocative pictures of their partner:

While this may be the case for men, (they literally get turned on by even a little skin shown in an image) the same can’t be said about women, 80% of women would not like to receive a sexy text or photo before they actually meet the guy.

Myth number 3) Men don’t want to date promiscuous women:

75% of men would like to have dates with women who have had more sexual partners than themselves. Basically, they like someone experienced to teach a thing or two.

Myth number 4) Blondes have the most fun:

Women having red hair, more commonly known as redheads are known to have more fun (more fun in this context means more orgasms).

Myth number 5) Single men are after younger men/women and are attracted to only younger men/women than themselves:

40% of single men would rather date someone their own age, someone they can connect with, someone they can have all kinds of adult conversations with. Another portion of men actually wanted to date someone older than themselves as well.

Myth number 6) The younger you are, the more sex you have:

Single people who were in their 30s-40s actually have more sex and also put more effort in, while in the act. While the younger population may have more energy, the older ones are out there showing more oats, metaphorically speaking.

Myth number 7) Gays and lesbians want a date who has a perfect body:

While some homosexuals prefer a date with a lean and beautiful body, it is not the case with most of them. A survey shows that 45% of them would still go out with someone even if they didn’t have abs and a chiseled jawline.

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