When it comes to TV, there are a lot of characters that might have created a huge impact on our hearts. It might be because of their performances, their screen presence and a lot of other reasons. But there are few characters that stayed in our minds not just for their performances but for the thing that they had for sex. They might have also made us laugh or cry. But their steamy sex session with hot girls was one of the major reasons for them creating a huge impact. They also have a separate place in our hearts for this particular reason.

Charlie Harper

Charlie Harper is one of the important lead characters played by Charlie Sheen in Two and A Half Men. It is a very rare occasion that you can see Charlie single in his bed; he will always be occupied by a different girl every day. The best part is that Charlie Sheen is also a sex addict in real life. It is a great thing that you can play the real character in both the real and the reel world. Every man in this world would love to play the part of Charlie Harper in real life.

Barney Stinson

Barney Stinson is one of the iconic characters in How I Met Your Mother. It was played by Neil Patrick Harris. The suit-wearing flawless lover can be seen with different girls on different occasions.  He is very famous for one night stands. He follows a perfect method to seduce girls, and he makes sure that they fall for him and get them to bed. He is self-taught in this matter, and he is an expert when it comes to that.  His advice does work out most of the time.


There is no one in this world in this world who will hate Joey. This outstanding character in Friends was played by Matt Leblanc. He might really bad with knowledge and a lot of other things. But when it comes to bed and sex, he is definitely the best. His performance has always been regarded as matchless in many episodes. Even though he is afraid to get into a committed relationship he makes it a point that the girls do not forget his because of his amazing skills in bed

Tyrion Lannister

When we are talking about sex and TV how we forget Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones. From episode one till now this guy has been amazing when it comes to sex. He might be lacking when it comes to height. But when it comes to girls he definitely better anyone else. His sessions with hot looking girls are really steamy and will definitely make anyone go crazy. This character was played by Peter Dinklage one of the most celebrated actors in the industry.

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